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You have likely been provided with the LTD application forms and should apply for LTD benefits no later than 8 weeks before the end of the elimination period.

Step 1:

Complete this Member Employee Statement and send to Manulife.

  • You can print out the statement or fill it in online.

  • Email, mail, or fax it to the address below when you have completed and signed it.


Step 2:

Have your doctor (family doctor or specialist) fill out the Initial Attending Physician Statement and submit it directly to Manulife at

the address below.  Your doctor should attach copies of all medical reports related to your disability (such as X-rays, scans, blood work, etc.).

  • Note: You should complete the patient authorization section on page 3 of the physician's statement before you give it to your doctor.

  • Your doctor may charge you a fee to complete this form.  The fee is not covered by the Plan.

Manulife Financial Group Benefits

Attention: Disability Claims

PO Box 1030 Stn Central

Halifax, NS   B3J 2X5

Phone: 1-902-453-4300 or toll-free 1-800-565-0627


Fax: 1-902-429-7292


Step 3:

Once Manulife receives the statements from you, your doctor, and your employer, they will get in touch with you by phone to go over your claim.  This could take 2 - 3 weeks.  Manulife will review with you your medical information, your ability to function and perform your activities of daily living, your job requirements and work environment and how your condition affects your ability to perform your occupation.  It is also a time for you to ask any questions you might have.

If your claim is approved:

You will receive a call from your case manager at Manulife.  Following the call you will receive a letter telling you the LTD benefit amount you will be paid bi-weekly and what you can expect while in receipt of  LTD benefits.

Manulife will contact you and your treatment provider periodically to stay updated on your condition to:

  • see whether you continue to qualify for LTD benefits under the Plan

  • look for opportunities to begin a return-to-work program

  • advise you of any changes to your LTD benefit

If your claim is denied:

You will receive a letter explaining why you did not qualify for LTD benefits.  If you disagree with Manulife's decision, you can appeal.  Find out how here.

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