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You have an important role to play when an employee is off work with a disability.


To the employee

  • Help your employee return to work in a safe and timely manner by staying in touch regularly to show support for their recovery and to update them about what’s happening in the workplace.

  • Be sure to let them know you are ready to accommodate them with transitional duties as part of a gradual return-to-work plan. 


To the workplace

  • Create and maintain a safe, healthy work environment so your employees feel confident and cared for.


To Manulife

  • Report any salary increases for the position, class, and step your employee held immediately before becoming disabled.

  • If the salary increase is effective prior to becoming disabled, LTD benefits may be impacted.

  • If your employee is a member of the Public Service Superannuation Plan (PSSP), membership continues while they receive LTD benefits.

       o   Employer and employee contributions will continue to be made based on the current rate of pay for the position, class,

            and step they held prior to becoming disabled.

       o   Manulife will deduct the Plan member's portion from the LTD benefit and forward the contributions to the PSSP on the Plan

            member's behalf.

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