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The Navigator is available to assist you and your employees by answering your questions about the Plan and the claims process. 


We recognize the LTD process is not necessarily something you deal with on a daily basis and even if you do, you still might have questions.  The Navigator is here to help.

The Navigator's role is to assist; however, they will not get involved in the claims administrator's management of a claim.

With a thorough understanding of the Plan, the Navigator can answer your questions related to:

  • completing the LTD application and the application process

  • benefit calculation

  • the return-to-work process and gradual return-to-work programs

  • the change of definition

  • the offsets and deductions that may apply to your employee's LTD benefit

  • the significance and impact of your employee's CPP disability benefit

  • yours' and your employees' PSSP pension contributions

  • the appeal process

Contact the Navigator here.

Please find our printable Navigator info sheet here.

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