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Long-term disability is not something you think about until you need to and then it can be overwhelming.

The Plan office has a resource person to assist you during the application process and to answer any of your questions concerning LTD.

  • The Navigator is an employee of the Plan office not Manulife or your employer and is not involved in the management of your claim.  The role of the Navigator is to help you navigate through the LTD process from start to finish by answering any questions you might have.

  • They can explain the LTD application process, they can help you complete the initial LTD application, and let you know what to expect.

  • The Navigator is there for you at any stage of your claim.  Your conversations and questions are confidential.  You only share with the Navigator what you want to share.

  • They are not going to ask you personal questions related to your disability.

The Navigator has a thorough understanding of the Plan and can answer your questions related to:

  • benefit calculation

  • the return-to-work process and gradual return-to-work programs

  • the change of definition

  • the offsets and deductions that may apply to your LTD benefit

  • the significance and impact of CPP disability benefits

  • your Public Service Superannuation Plan pension contributions

  • the appeal process

Contact the Navigator here.

If you are looking for more information about mental health, you can find resources here that may help. 

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