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When to file

You should submit to Manulife the Employer Statement at least 6 - 8 weeks before the employee's LTD benefit effective date.

  • You can print out the statement or fill it in online.

  • Mail, email, or fax it to the address below when you have completed and signed it.

  • Do not wait until the employee has submitted their forms.


Manulife Financial Group Benefits

Attention: Disability Claims

PO Box 1030 Stn Central

Halifax, NS  B3J 2X5


Phone: 1-902-453-4300 or toll-free 1-800-565-0627

Fax: 1-902-429-7292


Take note

Use section 16 in the statement to note any changes in your employee’s ability to perform their job prior to ceasing work. For example, did they require assistance from co-workers? Were any duties modified? Was there an increase in their absenteeism?


Employee and physician statements

Provide your employee with the Plan Member Statement and the Initial Attending Physician Statement.

  • The employee should complete the patient authorization section on page 3 of the physician’s statement before they give it to their physician.

  • The Employer, Plan Member, and Physician statements should all be submitted 6 – 8 weeks before the LTD benefit effective date, or as soon as your employee knows they won’t be returning to work before the LTD benefit effective date.


Manulife will contact you by phone after reviewing all three statements to conduct an interview with you.  They will ask you questions about how your employee was functioning prior to going off work, including any performance or attendance issues.  Manulife will also want to know if there were any recent changes in the employee's job duties.


Call Manulife at 1-800-565-0627

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