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GRADUAL RETURN-TO-WORK (Employer's role)

At some point in your employee’s recovery, Manulife may contact you to recommend a gradual return-to-work (GRTW) or return-to-work (RTW) program be developed. 

Manulife will work with the Plan member, their treatment providers, union (if applicable), and you to develop this program.


The program:

  • will be based on your employee’s medically supported restrictions and limitations as well as functional abilities

  • may include a gradual increase in hours and/or duties


To support your employee's success:

  • provide a suitable work station for your employee

  • inform the employee’s co-workers that your employee is returning to work under the program

  • assess the situation and analyze your employee’s job tasks regularly

  • evaluate and make provisions or accommodations in a timely manner, when necessary

  • keep Manulife informed of your employee’s progress and any deviations from the program

Take Note

As the employer, you will be expected to report your employee’s earnings to Manulife bi-weekly so that the LTD benefit can be recalculated.

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